Republic of Poland with its Capital Warsaw Currency: Polish zloty , stretches from Baltic Sea in northwest to Central Europe with Germany in west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the south Ukraine and Belarus in the east and Lithuania in the north. Strategically located in the East-Central Europe and with a longest Schengen border connecting this country to rest of Northern and Central Europe, Poland is a key location through which EU trade routes pass. Poland is member of European Union*.

Poland officially a parliamentary republic has a total geographical area of 312,679 square kilometers and it’s 9th largest nation of Europe, and 71th in the entire world. Raking 9th in Passport.

With a total population of more than 38.53 million persons, at the present, the nation-located in the North-Central Europe--shares its geographical borders with as many as seven nations, including Russia, Germany, and Ukraine, among others.  Warsaw is its state capital and also the largest city of the nation. Its population is nearly 2 million. Krakow is the next biggest city with a population of just about 756,000 people.

Poland is a parliamentary republic, and the premier and the council of ministers spearheaded by him are the top foundations. However, it is the President who is officially the head of state. He is sent to office every 5 years in an accepted election. The nation is, perhaps, the most linguistically homogeneous nation across the whole of Europe. And the mother tongue of close-to 97% of the country’s inhabitants is Polish. English is well spoken in most of the places.

Beautiful Tourist Destinations ,landscape and climate
  • Most of country consists of lowlands with Carpathian Mountains.
  • Fourth most forested area
  • The polish weather is temperate and pleasant ,warm summers with temperatures ranging between 18 and 34 °C
  • Winters though cold, but average temperatures hover around 3 °C and ?6 °C.

Our Services

  • Poland Immigration Temporary Residence Card Scheme Under Business Registration
  • Poland Immigration Temporary Residence Card Under Work Permit

Immigration Temporary Residence Card Scheme Under Business Registration

Poland TRC - Best pathway to Immigrate For Non - EU Nationals

Business –Establishing a Business by opening a company – the shortest possible way for the people having enough financial resources to start a business in this country. It is quite easy to start a business in this country, and to open a Polish LLC. Being the founder of the company, you will get a work permit, the temporary residence card (TRC) with an initial tenure of 1 year with a renewal upto 3 years .

A growing nation with a plethora of opportunities for new entrants as they can get to experience culturally rich life of people of this country, earn a chance to living and working in European Union and also unrestrained travelling through the length and breadth of Schengen treaty area.

Why apply for Temporary Residence Card for Poland?

Various tax sops and other tax benefits from Polish Government

Relaxed Polish law allows for unrestricted repatriation of profits.

No restrictions on the transfer of shares inside Poland and the repatriation of proceedings.

The Polish Temporary Residence card or ‘Karta czasowegopobytu’ offers unrestricted freedom of movement for the Schengen area within 3 months of obtaining this card.

An unimpeded access to vast and prosperous European markets.

Continuous five years of residence in Poland can help you get ‘kartustalegopobytu’ (permanent residence) and EU resident card. Grant of this card permits application for of the citizenship of Poland. Card of the resident allows the people to reside and work throughout the EU territory.

LLC formation services

  • Establishing a company and virtual office
  • Providing accountant services
  • Completing all sundry formalities like obtaining official seal, business cards, logo designing
  • Commissioning company web portals on polish web catalogues
  • The process can take up to 30 to 40 days. Once this process is over, we start with visa filing formalities to help LLC shareholders get visa for arrival in Poland.
  • Sending the LLC registration documents to clients
  • Assistance in filing of application for Polish Visa  
  • Arranging arrival of clients in Poznan or Warsaw
  • Starting with filing for TRC

TRC (Polish Temporary Residence Card) services

  • Compiling, collecting documents for filing TRC request – takes around a week to complete and compile all documents like
  • Papers confirming local address in Poland
  • Insurance
  • Financial documents including personal bank accounts of applicants and miscellaneous documents  
  • Filing of application
  • Waiting times for decision on TRC request is usually 2 months. In case, the clients present the TRC request to the authorities within the visa stay period and get an endorsement on passport for submission of request for TRC, the stay is legalized in Poland and other Schengen treaty member countries